With AirMatrix Cloud you can manage your complete network with ease, from your laptop or computer.  See more here…AirMatrix Gigabit is a High Powered Firewall Micro Appliance, 6 Gigabit Intel LAN PORTS , AES-NI.  It’s Fanless and 12 volt DC. Great for any network or WISP See more here

MODULAR LTE ROUTER / CPE  –  See more here
AIRMATRIX LTE CORE  – See more here



AirMatrix comes from the old days of Locust-World MeshAP.  Fast forward to today, and  demands have massively changed so we utilize every resource world wide to meet the demands of clients and networks world wide.   Gigabit Routers,  Wireless,   Network Management are just a few new areas of development.

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The MeshAP impacted millions of lives,  and we feel the right gear and software makes all the difference in the world.




AirMatrix Core Goes Live

AirMatrix Core went live today, adding the new service platform  to their growing portfolio.  The AirMatrix Core is LTE 8 complaint core with selected features of Release 9,  and supports multiplexing with speeds +100 Mbps . AirMatrix is developing a low cost, off the shelf solution for service providers needing LTE broadband and voLTE (voice …