Welcome to AirMatrix !

We design, develop and deploy wireless solutions world wide from the old days of locust world , to todays current networking demands.

With new demands comes new gear !

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With AirMatrix  you can manage your complete network with ease, from your laptop or computer.  No more need to log into each access point or client radio on your network to find issues.

AirMatrix is for wireless providers interested in deploying larger scale networks.  Each account includes the ability to operate wireless preloaded gear, add a custom domain to brand your WiFi, easy to use end-user portal,  and be able to generated prepaid vouchers .

System automatically upgrades software on radios, splash pages and even gives you cash flow reports. Sign-up for more information and a free demo!


AirMatrix comes from the old days of Locust-World Mesh aka MeshAP.

Fast forward to today, and  demands have massively changed so we utilize every resource world wide to meet the demands of clients and networks world wide.   Fiber,  Wireless,  Power are just a few new areas of development.

The MeshAP impacted millions of lives,  and we feel the right gear and software makes all the difference in the world.